Travel Itinerary Description

Preliminary: Subject to minor adjustments to accommodate best bookings with sub-tour vendors and optimum travel arrangements, etc.

Before the tour/workshop it is recommended that you arrive in Juneau one day in advance (or earlier) and travel by AMHS ferry to Skagway, AK on next day which will arrive the morning where the guide will pick you up and take you to your lodge for checkin. After checkin your tour/workshop will begin with an introduction lunch which will give you a detailed overview and itinerary for your exciting next week ahead of photographic exploration and discovery of the stunning landscapes and wildlife only found in the pristine wildernesses of South East Alaska and the Yukon Territory.

Days 1-2/ Skagway/Dyea (& first two sub-tours): We will start by spending the next day and half in the Skagway/Dyea area where you will experience your first two “sub-tours” – a 6 hour charter float on Lynn Canal (weather permitting) where we will have opportunities to photograph wildlife and scenery up close from the sea waters of the Lynn Canal (largest fjord in North America) and a flight-see over glacier country (weather permitting) where we will get a chance to fly over and photograph the glaciers of glacier bay or the mead glacier (pilots discretion). During our time in this area, in addition to the two sub-tours, there will be two sunrise photos shoots and you will also be guided to various local scenic, historic, cultural and wildlife photo opportunities in Skagway, Dyea or the White Pass via a tour bus per your guides discretion (based on latest weather, wildlife sightings, etc).

Days 3-5/Golden Circle road trip through the Yukon (3rd sub-tour): On the 3rd day we will begin our third sub-tour with a two day Golden Circle road trip with the first day driving the scenic Klondike Highway from Skagway to Whitehorse, Yukon Territory taking our time to stop and photograph mountains, glaciers, waterfalls, spectacular peaking fall colors, emerald mountain lakes and the famous Carcross sand dunes and any wildlife we may encounter (bears, mountain goats, etc). We will end this day in the Whitehorse area lodging at a local B&B where we will get to soak in the therapeutic mineral rich waters of the Takhini hot springs. On the 4th day we will spend the morning exploring/photographing the Whitehorse/Yukon river area and in the afternoon will continue on the Golden Circle road trip toward Klaune National Park in Canada and lodge in a local B&B nested next to Klaune Lake. On the 5th day we will complete our Golden Circle road trip spending the morning driving our way south down the scenic Haines Highway over the Chilkat Pass to Haines, Alaska where we will take our time making numerous photo stops along the way to photograph the stunning mountain scenery, autumn colors and any wildlife we may encounter.

Days 5-8/Haines (4th, 5th & 6th sub-tours): In the early afternoon of the 5th day we will experience our fourth sub-tour with a visit to a very unique local wildlife preserve where we will get opportunities to photograph some or all of the following: lynx, wolverine, red fox, wolf, snowy owl, grizzly, porcupine, marten, mink and ermine. We will spend the final three days of the tour/workshop in the Haines area where you will get to experience the fifth & sixth “sub-tours”, one on each day – a 6 hour float down the Chilkat River through the Eagle Preserve led by a renowned Alaskan photographer guide and a 8 hour float/hike bringing us up close to the Davidson Glacier (weather permitting). During our time in Haines, in addition to the three sub-tours, there will be several sunrise shoots seeking opportunities for good light and wildlife from eagles to bears (daily locations will be per guides discretion based on latest weather & wildlife info).

Day 8/Field Session and Roundtable Critique On the 8th and last day there will be a special 3-4 hour “field session” with another partner – an acclaimed local Alaskan photographer guide from Haines, Alaska. In the afternoon we will conduct a Round-Table critique session with our three Alaskan photographer guides. After the critique session, the tour/workshop will conclude with a farewell dinner. On the following day your guide will be available to taxi you to the local ferry station or airport depending on your travel arrangements.

Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) Alert: During the time of the tour/workshop there may be opportunities to witness and photograph the Aurora Borealis. They are unpredictable and having the opportunity to view them depends both upon solar activity and a clear sky. Every night of the tour we will monitor for favorable conditions and alert the group if an opportunity arrises.

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