Peter Hines – 5 Star Trip Adviser Reviews

Peter Hines racked up many 5 star Trip Adviser Reviews while working as a photographer guide for serval seasons in Southeast Alaska guiding photographers on day trips.

1. “Photography tour with Peter Hines” – 5 star 

Peter Hines led an amazing and informative photography excursion in Haines, Alaska. He taught us so much about landscape photography in the few hours we had with him. Even in the rain we had a great time and got some beautiful pictures. We brought our camera, but he had the tripods necessary to capture some great shots. Only wish we had him close by to revisit again and again!! Don’t miss this excursion from the Island Princess Cruise ship.

2. “Fantastic Photo Tour of Skagway!” – 5 star 

We took the Skagway in Focus Photography Tour offered on our recent Star Princess Cruise and we were very happy we did. We had a very small group and our guide, Peter Hines, took us to waterfalls and other incredibly scenic vistas above Skagway. He was patient and willing to tailor the tour to each passenger’s needs. He looked at our cameras / phones and made suggestions of how we could improve our photos. And he didn’t hesitate to take pictures of each of us upon request. This was a wonderful tour and I wouldn’t hesitate to take it again on our next Alaska cruise. We’ve taken other tours that were wonderful, but this one was just special and we highly recommend Peter and his company.

3. “Photographer’s Dream” – 5 star (Reviewed September 5, 2016)

I just bought a camera for photographing wildlife. During a recent Alaskan Cruise, we decided to book an excursion with a professional Photographer. Peter Hines was our guide and we were so lucky. The other people in our group did not show up so we had Peter all to ourselves. He was patient and very very helpful. I should have spent days with him, instead of a morning. We traveled many beautiful places and got some amazing shots.

4. “Skagway in Focus Photography Tour” – 5 star 

Overview: This is a great tour for beginner photographers just getting into the hobby. You will definitely be a better photographer after this enjoyable approximately 3 ½ hours. If you are looking to photograph animals you probably won’t find them on this tour. It is a small group tour and we had eight in our group. Book in advance because the tour sells out quickly.

Our tour guide was Peter Hines, a professional photographer, with an easy going personality. The guide picked us up at the end of the pier, and we boarded a small comfortable bus. Our guide was easy to hear from anywhere on the bus, as well as easy to understand. As we drove through Skagway, Peter pointed out points of interest in the town as well as an in depth history of Skagway. Skagway is a small town of about 2500 citizens in the summer and about 800 inhabitants during their cold winter. As we left Skagway the conversation turned to photography, where he discussed photography composition the use of aperture and shutter speeds and how to use the differing settings for different results. We visited several waterfalls (both up close and from afar), and Peter worked with each of us and enabled us each to capture professional grade results on the running water. My picture was spectacular enough to be enlarged and framed. We also learned and practiced photographing vistas as well as flower photography which focused on one object and obscured the outlying areas. The tour extends into Canada so a passport is needed for the excursion.

The tour is not physically exerting, but you will be walking on uneven ground and hilly areas. A walking stick will make the trip easier but is not necessary. Tripods are provided by the tour guide.

CONCLUSION: Great Amateur Photography Tour. I had a great time and walked away with many more skills and had experienced Skagway up to and through Canada.

5. “Skagway photography tour with Peter Hines” – 5 Star

Our photography tour with Peter Hines was great! It was my favorite excursion we did on our Alaskan cruise. Peter was knowledgeable, entertaining, and patient with us as he taught us about our camera and how to get the best out of it when taking pictures. We got AMAZING pictures in all the places he took us too and these pictures are the highlight of our trip. Such beautiful scenery to look back on. I highly recommend this excursion. It was nice and laid back as well. Nothing strenuous or tiring. Very relaxing and beautiful. Thank you Peter for helping us learn about our camera and giving us some great pointers for taking beautiful pictures!

6. “Best way to get PHOTOGRAPHS driving toward the Yukon” – 5 Star  

We were on a Princess Cruise and took the Focus Photography Tour from Skagway. Peter Hines was our Photographer Guide. We had some experienced photographers on the tour of 9 people. But one person had a point and shoot and there were a couple of spouses not armed with picture eyes. Peter was great, finding the best places to take pictures, a set of ideas for constructing the image, and some ideas on how to set up the camera to maximize the shot. He was great with the point and shoot and great with the photographers in training. The experience photographers engaged him in intelligent dialogue. If you only use your smartphone, take this trip as you will get some good pics. If you are a photographer, take this trip because a Pro is taking you to the best spots. If you just want to view the best views, take this trip – you don’t need a camera. Viewed Peter’s recent shots after the excursion. This guy knows how to take photographs.

7. “Skagway in Focus Photography Tour with Peter Hines” – 5 Star 

I was in Skagway this past week on a Cruise stop and this was one of the excursions offered by the Cruise Line. Peter Hines was our guide and he was very helpful to the entire group. We were fortunate enough to have a group of only 7 people – all the way from very experiences to the novice. He was patient with us all. The day started out very foggy and while it lifted some, it was never very clear. However, we were able to get to some great spots and take some wonderful photos. I had taken a photography seminar on the boat on Sunday and had been experimenting with what I learned then so the 3 hours with Peter helped those things that I had learned sink in and make better sense by putting them to use. My photos for the rest of the trip were noticeably better!

My only disappointment was that it wasn’t longer (although I couldn’t have gone much longer due to another excursion).

8. “Our Most Rewarding Shore Excursion” – 5 Star 

While my wife and I enjoyed our recent Cruisetour on Princess Cruise Lines, one of our early elected shore excursions was the “Skagway in Focus Photography Tour”. Our tour leaders Peter Hines and Dena (sp?) were awesome. While on the way through Skagway and onto various scenic stops, Peter was incredibly informative and entertaining to share the local scenery and interests.

But, even more so, Peter and Dena helped my wife and I to learn so much more about our cameras. While I have a Nikon D7000 and was able to benefit from learning much more about shooting in aperture mode, my wife learned that her “point-and-shoot” camera did not offer as much control (although her Sony DSC-WX300 takes some great photos in full auto).

Peter and Dena were both very attentive to us and gave us so much education during the tour, as well as taking us over the border to Canada and showing much scenery worthy of photography.

My wife, Julie, is still so appreciative of the photo that Peter helped me obtain of a waterfall. I have done this in the past, but not to the degree of richness.

We did several other tours while in Alaska, but this one really helped me to learn so much more about my camera and pique my expanded interest in improving my photos. I have to say that the vast majority of photographs I took AFTER this tour are so much better in regard to exposure control.

I have a lot to learn as an amateur photographer, but so wish I could spend more time learning from Peter and Dena (I hope I have spelled her name correctly).

Rainbow Glacier Adventures is highly recommended for the photographer wishing to learn improved skills!

9. “Skagway area Photo Tour” – 5 Star

Peter Hines was the tour guide for the small tour group. He was a mine of excellent information and provided excellent photographic advice on how best to photograph the mountains, streams, and flowers we saw. Highly recommend this tour as even for advanced photographers his advice was excellent.

10. “Skagway Photo Tour” – 5 Star

My husband and I booked this tour as we are both photoraphers and enjoy going to off the beaten path for photos. We really lucked out and got a private tour with Peter Hines. He is fairly new to Alaska but gave us a great deal of interesting history while taking us to some great photography spots. Peter was very patient and inspirational for taking creative photographs.

Wish I lived in Alaska and could do this weekly!