Survey: AK Photo Workshop?

Survey of your interest in a Alaska Photo Workshop:

This survey is intended to access your interest in participation in an Alaska based photography workshop led by myself. Since it takes a significant effort and cost to organize and offer this type of work shop in a remote wilderness location like Alaska I decided to offer this survey to check for general interest. An ideal workshop would have 4-6 participants and would run 3 to 8 days depending on goals and price point, etc. If this survey indicates enough interest I could start work on putting together a plan to offer such workshops starting in 2020 and beyond. So if you do have an interest please take a few minutes to answer the questions in this survey. It will better help me customize a workshop just for you. Thank you in advance for your time to answer this survey.

Background (please read first):

  1. Past Guide Experience: I worked in Southeast Alaska for three seasons as a photographer guide and workshop leader. Over the course of this work I took thousands of people on photography tours and garnered many 5 star reviews.
  2. Value Added: I would leverage my experience and various tour industry contacts in this region of Alaska to offer you an excellent photo workshop opportunity to photograph the stunning landscapes and amazing wildlife of this pristine area.
  3. Embedded Extracurricular Excursion Options Drive Price Point: Depending on the specific workshop description/objectives and price point, options for extracurricular embedded excursions on land, water and air by vehicle, boat and plane could also be included. The higher price point you are willing to spend the more of these types of embedded excursion options could be included. An example would be a one day photographic rafting excursion down a wild Alaskan river to look for bear and/or eagles or a flight-see landing on a glacier. These all add significant photographic opportunities but at significant added costs.
  4. Photographic Guidance and Instruction: Included in the workshop would be assistance with gear selection and on-hand usage technique as well as critiquing and feedback.
  5. Workshop Duration: Depending on workshop goals and location they could run anywhere from 1 to 8 days.
  6. Covered Costs: The workshop fees would cover embedded excursions, lodging and some food as well as photographic instruction and critiques, etc. Specifics would be based on overall workshop goals, location and season.
  7. Not Covered Costs: Travel costs to and from workshop starting destination would not be covered in fees. Some food and lodging may not also be covered but would depend on workshop goals and specifics.