The Tour/Workshop is comprised of 6 sub-tours (see maps)

  • General Description: The tour/workshop will include at least 2 and up to 6 “sub-tours” (favorable weather permitting). Sub-tours range from a private charter boat float to a river float to a flight-see to a visit to a wildlife preserve. All are designed to maximize photographic opportunities from the land, sea, river and air to photograph wildlife, cultural subjects and the stunning SE Alaska/Yukon scenery at the peak of the autumn season’s “fall colors” ranging from majestic mountains and lakes to awe-inspiring glaciers and beautiful water falls.
  • Base Price: The tour/workshop base price will include the following “sub tours” : 
  1. 2.5 day 350 mile guided road tour via the Golden Circle*: The road tour will go through SE Alaska and the Yukon Territory from Skagway, AK to Haines, AK (known as the “Golden Circle”) during the peak fall color season. First day of road trip will drive up the scenic Klondike highway from Skagway, AK to Whitehorse, Yukon territory where the group will spend an evening at a local B&B and get to soak in Tahini hot springs. The group will spend the morning of the next day in the Whitehorse area and then in the afternoon work its way to the Kluane National Park area where it will lodge at a local B&B. On the third day the road trip will work its way down the Haines highway to Haines, AK.
  2. Kroschels Wildlife Preserve: Visit to a very unique wildlife preserve where there will be photo opportunities to shoot some or all of the following: lynx, wolverine, red fox, wolf, snowy owl, grizzly bear, porcupine, marten, mink and ermine. Tour will be hosted and guided by Steve Kroschel.
  1. 6 hour photography specific River float*: Float will pass through the Chilkat Eagle Preserve with a focus on Eagle Photography and will stop at numerous locations seeking good photographic opportunities along the way. Will be led by local photographer guide, Joe Ordonez
  2. Guided Boat tour Lynn Canal (4-6 hours)*: Tour emphasis on photographing marine wildlife (sea lions, seals, orcas, otters and bald eagles) and majestic landscapes, glaciers and waterfalls etc. that can only be viewed from the sea-waters of the Lynn Canal.
  3. Flight-seeing flight (1.5 hour) over glacier country: Will fly over the West or East Arm of Glacier Bay or over the Mead Glacier (per the pilots discretion) providing many opportunities for aerial photographs of the stunning glaciers and mountains of SE Alaska
  4. Boat Float/Hike (8 hour) to Davidson glacier: Will depart from Haines on a Zodiac and land at Glacier Point where the group will then hike unclose to the Davidson Glacier for unique photographic opportunities, etc. Includes a moderate 3-4 mile round trip hike requiring all participates to be in reasonable condition to run

*Wildlife opportunities: Sub-tours and the tour/workshop are designed to increase opportunities for wildlife sightings but wildlife is “wild” and sightings cannot be guaranteed.

Important: Before booking, please review Cancellation Policy and Liability Waiver

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