Artist Bio

Peter Hines – A Brief Bio

Artist Photographer, Guide Peter Hines is a Utah fine art photographer based in Salt Lake City. He worked for nearly 30 years as a mechanical engineer until a 40 foot fall in a rock climbing accident that changed his life. In the aftermath and following miraculous recovery from this accident, he decided to redirect his life from working in an cubical designing mechanical inventions (ranging from lasers to roller coasters) to the pursuit of his artistic and photographic dreams harbored since his youth. He brings a unique blend of technical understanding and knowhow and artistic vision to his photography. He now considers himself as much an artist as a photographer and compares his camera to a paintbrush with light as the medium of expression resulting in what he calls his “photographic art”. In this context, he sees his camera as an extension of his heart that enables him to capture his deep reverence and inspiration for nature that he experiences when venturing into the natural world. His love for nature runs deep with spiritual dimensions and has led him to seek out the extraordinary and sublime moments amongst the ordinary and mundane. He’s an avid outdoorsmen who enjoys hiking, skiing, and kayaking and has spent several summers in SE Alaska/Yukon further developing his photographic portfolio while working as a photographer guide teaching countless others how to use their cameras. He feels, that in these times of great environmental degradation and destruction, it is his mission to celebrate and revere the glory and immense beauty of our natural world as well as its many imperiled and endangered inhabitants. This has led him to focus most of his work on natural landscapes and wildlife. He calls his photographic business “Tao of Light Photography”. His work can be viewed on his website at