Weather Contingencies

Weather Related Contingencies and Considerations

1. Sub-Tour Allowance for Weather Contingencies

Once you have arrived and are under our supervision we will allow for weather related cancellations of sub-tours using aircraft, sea vessels & river rafts with an alternative tour and a discount from the max trip cost. For example, it’s possible that due to weather a boat tour may not be navigable or a flight flyable on the day that’s been listed, or scheduled times may change for more favorable weather. In those cases, we will do our best to complete the itinerary to the best of our ability; however, if a specific sub-tour is cancelled then our tour/workshop may default to a land-based vehicle tour of the local area or visit to a museum, etc. In these cases clients will not be charged for a specific sub-tours not ran due to weather or sub-vendor (i.e. airplane has mechanical problem) related contingencies at a value of $250/sub-tour discount per client from the maximum tour cost.

2. Weather Related Photography considerations

Our tour/workshop is designed to take into account the varying S.E. Alaska/Yukon weather conditions, and we will make the best of whatever we are given. We will find that there are many great opportunities to make the most of shooting with whatever nature provides. For example, under overcast skies glacier ice appears the deepest blue, clouds can add dramatic effects, fog can bring mystery to landscapes, and low light situations are the best time to shoot “silky” waterfall and ocean surf photographs. Learning to photograph and perfect your artistic eye in all types of weather is a big step toward taking your photography to the next level, and S.E. Alaska/Yukon will deliver many interesting meteorologic conditions to do just this.

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