Photographic opportunities

Though the majestic landscapes and abundant wildlife of Southeast Alaska/Yukon provide many photographic opportunities to capture spectacular images of both, “great” photographs cannot be quantified or guaranteed. A truly “great” photograph is often the result of a combination of unpredictable factors such as good weather, good lighting and old fashioned “good luck” and more determinate factors such as a photographers skill, vision, perseverance and equipment. For example, to capture a “good” aurora borealis (i.e. northern lights) shot a photographer needs the good luck of favorable conditions, willingness to lose sleep, the proper equipment and the technical know how to use that equipment properly. Being in a location where the conditions of an aurora borealis is favorable is only the first step in creating opportunity. The Southeast Alaska/Yukon photography tour has been designed with six sub-tours to maximize photographic opportunities for a variety of subjects ranging from landscapes and wildlife to cultural icons and aerial views from the land, sea, river and air.

Click on a category title below to view a gallery of images all of which have been photographed along the various routes and sub-tours covered by this tour/workshop. All images in these galleries are copyright by Peter Hines/Tao of Light Photography.

Majestic Landscapes



© Peter Hines

Northern Lights

© Peter Hines


© Peter Hines

Autumn Colors

© Peter Hines

Stunning Waterfalls

© Peter Hines

Cultural Icons

© Peter Hines

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