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Tour/Workshop Price Structure & Booking Prices

Tour/Workshop Booking Price:  $5245 (max w/all 6 sub-tours) to $4245 (base – 2 sub-tours) + 5% tax. *

*2 Spots left – 15% discount if booked before 07/01/2017

Cost Savings Structure: The tour/workshop has minimal markups over operational costs and is thus designed to keep the overall price down by amortizing sub-tour costs over 6 clients. Therefore the advertised pricing requires 6 clients to run. If less then 6 clients the tour/workshop will either not run and clients will be given a full refund (see cancellation policy) or a higher price will be charged to cover additional per client costs pending clients approval. See Pricing Structure Chart

Deigned for 6 clients: For 6 clients, the base price of the tour/workshop of $3795 covers two sub-tours with the intention to run all 6 sub-tours at a maximum of $4795. For every sub-tour not ran the clients will be given a refund of $250 refund from the maximum charged price. For sub-tour refund for less then 6 clients see Pricing Structure Chart

The clients booking fees will be charged as follows:

  1. Booking Deposit: $1500 due by no later then 07/01/2017
  2. Total Booking fee: $5245 (minus $1500 deposit) due no later then 08/01/2017

Since client will have initially paid the maximum booking fee upfront, after the tour/workshop is completed clients will either have paid in full or will be due a refund depending on how many sub-tours did not run per the following schedule refund fee/client*:

  • All sub-tours run: No Refund
  • 1 sub-tour not runs: $250 refund
  • 2 sub-tours not run: $500 refund
  • 3 sub-tours not run: $750 refund
  • 4 sub-tours not run: $1000 refund max

Important: Refunds only apply to cancellations of sub-tours due to weather related or sub-tour vendor contengencies. If a sub-tour runs but an individual client is unable to attend for any reason (i.e. sickness or delays, etc) a refund will not be issued. 

Singles Supplement $500 Additional Fee

The tour pricing structure is based on double occupancy for lodging for 7 nights. If you are attending the tour/workshop as a single you have the choice to room with another single client or pay a $500 single supplemental fee.

Pricing Structure Chart

GPAT-2017 Pricing Structure - V03

Important: Before booking, please review Cancellation Policy and Liability Waiver

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